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In harsh economic conditions where everyone struggles to make money and start a new business, you can easily make money in a 3D digital world called Metaverse. but how? Don’t miss the continuation of this article so that we will not only introduce you to Metaverse and its many uses but also teach you how to earn money from Metaverse.

Blockchain Concept

Surely you would like to know how to make money in Metaverse as soon as possible. But before that, you should get familiar with blockchain technology; Metaverse is supported through this technology. In simple language, blockchain is a network or chain of blocks (information packets) in which information about the details of transactions made by users is stored in each block. The information stored in each block of the blockchain network is protected by a mathematical function called hash; Because this function prevents fraud and changing the data of blocks.

It is interesting to know that the blockchain network first became famous when the digital currency Bitcoin started to be bought and sold. Because all the transactions done in buying and selling bitcoins are formed on the blockchain network platform. As mentioned, making money from Metaverse is also done on the blockchain network.

A brief look at the Metaverse

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the concept of blockchain technology and realized that the platform on which Metaverse operates is a network called blockchain, which also provides the security of the Metaverse world, it is time to get acquainted with Metaverse. So you can learn the methods of earning money from Metaverse.

Metaverse is a 3D virtual world where you can do most of your daily tasks. It is interesting to know that the metaverse world can completely replace the natural world in the future. So that people can access everything from all parts of the world.

How to Make Money in the Metaverse?

To learn how to make money in Metaverse, you need to know what fields this 3D virtual world is used in; So that you can earn money through its many applications. Therefore, we have decided to introduce you to the various applications of the Metaverse world, which are as follows:

Strengthening the skills of doctors, speeding up the surgery

It can be said that Metaverse in the field of medicine is an easy and fast way to reach the world of science and knowledge; Because it can not only make the methods of access to the science and understanding of medical fields easier for the trainees of these fields and speed up their learning; Rather, it helps doctors and surgeons, strengthens their skills and knowledge, and gives them high speed and precision with the great help it gives them in surgical operations.

In such a way, doctors and surgeons can prepare a CT scan, MRI, and 3D scans of the patient before surgery with the help of augmented reality headsets to understand the patient’s condition more quickly.

Increasing the ability of soldiers

Another application of the 3D virtual world that allows people to earn money from Metaverse is in the military field. It is interesting to know that Metaverse can dramatically increase soldiers’ abilities in fighting the enemy; In such a way that it can show the position of all internal and enemy forces to the soldiers. Another application of the 3D virtual world that allows people to earn money in the Metaverse is in the military field. It is interesting to know that Metaverse can dramatically increase soldiers’ abilities in fighting the enemy; In such a way that it can show the position of all internal and enemy forces to the soldiers.

Save time and money with a virtual tour of properties.

After Metaverse’s many applications in the medical and military fields, one of its best applications is in real estate sales. It is interesting to know that people who work in real estate sales can show their clients different parts of the real estate they are considering through virtual reality headsets. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for the applicants to visit the property in person, saving time and money for customers and real estate consultants.

Virtual training of human resources

One issue that wastes a lot of time and money in different fields of work, including employers and entrepreneurs, is the training of human resources before entering the workplace. Fortunately, with the help of Metaverse, employers and entrepreneurs can train the workforce before entering the real work environment by entering a virtual work environment.

In this way, not only is there no need to spend money and time on training human resources, but people are well trained before entering into jobs full of risk, and the probability of various accidents in the workplace is zero. Therefore, another area that allows people to make money from Metaverse is the field of virtual training of human resources before entering the natural work environment.

Holding virtual classes for students

Another widely used application of Metaverse, which can provide a good source of income for all teachers and professors of schools and universities, is the possibility of holding virtual classes. Metaverse creates a 3D virtual environment for students based on its quadruple technology, from virtual reality to augmented reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality. Therefore, all teachers and professors can quickly form a virtual class for their students at home without spending much money and time.

On the other hand, all the students can participate in the 3D virtual class without going to school or university at home. Students can also easily interact and talk with each other and their professors in virtual courses.

Creating a 3D digital environment for games and entertainment

One of the best ways to make money in Metaverse is to try fun games set in a 3D digital environment. If one technology is going to revolutionize the gaming industry completely, that technology is only Metaverse.

Metaverse has made it possible for game makers to quickly design a 3D digital environment for players by combining virtual reality and augmented reality technologies; this environment is close to reality and wholly obliterates them. On the other hand, by using the facilities and technologies that the Metaverse world provides to game makers, it is possible to design online multiplayer games in a beautiful 3D environment; so that players can compete with each other in several groups.

Virtual Traveling

One of the most money-making industries for countries is the tourism industry; Due to restrictions such as Covid-19, political and economic limits, etc., it prevents the development of this industry in some countries. On the other hand, not all people have the financial, physical, and time to travel. Fortunately, with the help of Metaverse technology, it is possible to bypass all restrictions for countries to grow their tourism industry quickly.

On the other hand, ordinary people who do not have the financial, physical, and even time to travel can also travel anywhere in the world. The world of Metaverse, with the technology of virtual reality headsets, provides the possibility for the growth of the tourism industry for countries and for people to travel to all parts of the world.

The best ways to earn money from Metaverse

Now that you are familiar with the many applications of Metaverse, you have concluded that you can make money through Metaverse in any field of your activity. From medicine and surgery to the military area, real estate buying and selling, human resources training, students, the gaming world, the tourism industry, etc.

But in the rest of this article, we will examine the best ways to make money from Metaverse among all the applications of this technology we introduced.

Playing; Earn free money from Metaverse

As we have mentioned, one of the applications of Metaverse that provides the possibility of making money from this technology is playing and entertainment in a 3D digital environment.

We go to the field of games and entertainment in the world of Metaverse and introduce this method as the best way to earn money from Metaverse because this method is free. Because playing in the Metaverse world does not require initial capital; So in this way, you can make free money from Metaverse; On the other hand, the amount of risk and generating income in this way in Metaverse is meager.

But as the game in Metaverse does not require initial capital and has a low risk, it requires a lot of time to earn money in this way. So if you are also looking to make money from Metaverse without capital, you can try playing with this technology, but you have to be very patient to get the money.

Work in the Metaverse, dream or reality?

Until one or two years ago, who would have thought that it would be possible to work and have a Metaverse job and earn money in a virtual world that does not exist physically? But considering the popularity of Metaverse these years, it is no longer unbelievable to ask someone what your job is and tell us that he works in Metaverse.

Companies operating in the Metaverse field have a booming market these days. You can check their job opportunities and strengthen the skills in which you are interested or talented. Then introduce yourself to them appropriately.

Trading land in Metaverse

Another way you can earn money in the Metaverse world is by buying and selling land and property, even renting out the property you purchased; Of course, this method requires high capital and also has a high risk, but on the other hand, it also has a very high yield. Because high amounts are paid for the purchase and sale of any property, from a hotel to a house, land, etc., in Metaverse, therefore, if you are looking for a way to make a profitable investment in addition to your significant capital, buying property or land in Metaverse, keeping it for a long time, and finally selling it can multiply your wealth many times.

Earn money through advertising in Metaverse

Some people not only do not have a lot of capital to invest and earn money in the Metaverse, but they are also looking for a profitable business in this virtual world that will bring them income in the short term.

You may think to yourself that such a thing is impossible in the Metaverse, but you should know that nothing is impossible in this 3D digital world; Because if you don’t have any capital but are looking for a short-term high-yield investment in Metaverse, you can go for advertising in this virtual world.

For example, you can act as a real estate consultant in Metaverse and earn money to introduce and advertise any property and land whose owner intends to sell.

Earn money from selling land in Metaverse

How much is the profit of selling land in Metaverse? In recent months, we have seen significant investment in a virtual land in the Metaverse. Real estate sales in the Metaverse reached more than $500 million last year and could double this year, according to investors and analytics firms. In this article, we discuss about selling land in Metaverse, which is one of the ways to earn money from Metaverse.

“There are big risks, but also big potential rewards,” says Janine Yorio, CEO of Republic Realm, a real estate investment and advisory firm. Real estate sales across the four major Metaverse platforms reached $501 million last year, according to MetaMetric Solutions, and data provider Metaverse said sales in January reached more than $85 million (source).

How much is the profit of selling land in Metaverse?

Someone recently bought a plot of land for $450,000 in Snoopverse, the virtual world that rapper Snoop Dogg is developing in Sandbox. Meanwhile, Metaverse Group, a real estate company focused on the metaverse economy, reportedly bought land in Decentraland, another virtual platform, for $2.43 million.

Therefore, the profit from the sale of land in the Metaverse will vary; as in the real world, it depends on its value. Learn more about the best metaverse projects.

The Metaverse describes a vision of a connected 3D virtual world where the real and digital worlds merge using technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). This virtual world can be accessed through devices such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality glasses and smartphone applications.

Users will also meet and communicate through digital avatars, explore new areas, and create content. The main idea is that the Metaverse will grow to become a collaborative virtual space where we can socialize, play, work, and learn.

The primary motivation for buying land in Metaverse

Along with financial incentives, you may wonder what companies and individuals will do with their virtual real estate. Spaces in various metaverses will be used to host digital fashion events and sell virtual clothes for avatars, another potential growth area in the Metaverse.

Although investors and companies are currently focusing on this field, not all real estate in the Metaverse will cost millions of dollars. But what can you get from having a virtual land? If you buy a physical property in the real world, the result is tangible: a place to live, security, and entertainment for family and friends.

Although virtual properties do not create physical shelter, there are similar ones, and by purchasing virtual properties, you can also build land on them. You can also choose a pre-made house and customize it with different digital objects.

Buy land in Metaverse and earn more profit

Now the Metaverse is no longer a typical futuristic vision or science fiction; Finally, actions that we thought were unique to the physical world can be replicated in this parallel virtual world. Social networks like Facebook are already part of this expansion to another level of Virtual Reality (VR) as we know it.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Metaverse allows us to replicate actions in the physical world because the rapid advancement of technology in artificial intelligence helps develop augmented reality and can create the same real-world experiences in people.

Just as in the physical world, we can work, study, meet people, travel, and shop; we can do the same in the Metaverse. One of the measures that had the most significant impact on the real estate industry is the sale of land in Metaverse, which, outside of the traditional scenario, will increase sales and expand growth opportunities for companies in this sector.

Real estate investing origins from Metaverse

The beginning of land sales in the Metaverse can be traced back to a simple practice by Plai’s founding entrepreneur, Logan Welbaum, that started more as a pilot experiment to see the results. Plai is a platform that helps small and medium enterprises to promote their brand on powerful digital platforms.

Welbaum has a TikTok page with several hundred thousand followers, which he uses to talk about the Metaverse and share promotional tips. But before becoming a prominent figure in the business, he worked at Facebook and Google, creating advertising strategies for companies.

One day, he heard about the Metaverse and began researching the concept further to use it to his advantage. He decided to enter in 2021 to try his luck by buying a piece of digital land in a metaverse founded by two Argentines. In the early days, he paid less than $2,000 in tokens for this virtual land today worth $40,000.

The success of his first purchase led him to experience a second purchase in which he acquired several virtual properties at a price that would benefit him in the future. Although he is not selling them now, he thinks the longer waiting time will also bring profits. Currently, he is dedicated to working on his Decentraland, which he bought from two Argentines.

From there, he connected with his thousands of followers worldwide, and many users were inspired by his business strategy to buy land in the Metaverse. It reached more than 100 million in virtual real estate investment in just one month, which was unimaginable at other times.

Is there any risk in investing in Metaverse?‎‎‌

Logan Welbaum warns that while selling land in the Metaverse offers good profit opportunities, it could be a risky investment if people stop using it or if better competitors enter the game (source). In short, like most actions in life, some will be safe, and others will be more dangerous.

Like the physical world, the Metaverse has rules that must be followed when choosing and investing in Metaverse virtual lands, that is expected to bring us rich profits in the future.

In short, what seemed like a distant reality now assumes precise dimensions. Now the universe exists and is working, But what will be the outcome of investing in it? Repeating the activity of the natural world as if it were a game with its own rules and features.

The sale of land in the Metaverse will be one of these, and it is achieving progressive success. One might ask what the actual limits and dangers are, and we will now answer: “Exactly what exists in the physical world”.

Earn money from vlogging on Metaverse

Is it possible to make money from vlogging in Metaverse? To create a Metaverse vlog, you need to make clips of your daily activities in Metaverse. It can be attractive to others if you buy and sell land, create an avatar, or do any other activity in the Metaverse. You can even get clips from non-coincidental token transactions.

These clips can be of great value to many users, especially those just starting. Like that, you have become a vlogger, and you can experience earning money from Metaverse through vlogging.

When you make your clip, you can use special music or editing to make it attractive. Do not doubt that this work will not be ineffective in attracting views for your video clip. It is enough to publish your content on virtual pages to earn money from vlogging. For example, YouTube is a perfect option because the number of users is high, and YouTube rewards the videos significantly viewed.

Earn money from vlogging in metaverse

How to make money from vlogging on Metaverse

You have likely heard the name vlogging and blogging, but maybe you did not follow it because it was not necessary for you. Vlogging is one of the jobs that emerged after the advent of the Internet and made many people dream of earning a few hundred dollars. Vloggers produce content in various fields, which is also called vlogging. You are also a vlogger if you publish videos and photos of yourself daily in a space like your Instagram and review, teach, etc.

Whether we like it or not, our objective world is rapidly changing towards the technological world. This is the universe where we walk on one of its planets, the Earth. But the Metaverse? This one is not so familiar to us. Maybe you have just heard the name of such a word and are curious about what we are talking about.

First, we can summarize the whole concept in one phrase: a virtual world in which we live! We are going to talk about the concepts and technologies that are related to the Metaverse. The future of the Internet is probably tied to this concept.

Companies and creative people in the technology field have created a space for human communication to take on a more real atmosphere in the internet space known as the cloud space. Suppose you used to browse your phone screen, open an application and enter a private room for chatting on social networks on the  Metaverse. In that case, you will probably jump into virtual reality and enter a room for chatting.

Earn money from vlogging in metaverse

Vloggers usually get a lot of engagement from users on their pages. The reason is that they provide valuable content, and this issue makes them able to win their trust and, finally, earn money from vlogging in the Metaverse, causing a very high interaction about a product or service. In the following, we will examine how to make income from vlogging in Metaverse.

1. Advertisements to introduce others

The higher the number of fans of a vlogger and the interaction of his page, the higher the amount of money they charge for publishing ads. Advertising can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several million dollars for average to high-end vloggers, and any business in the Metaverse can choose one or more of them according to their needs.

For example, suppose you are a vlogger in the field of cooking; In this case, metaverse businesses that are active in the area of dishes, food, restaurants, etc., see you as a suitable option for advertising. In this case, you can easily earn a good income from advertising.

2. Attract content sponsors

Many vloggers need a budget to be able to produce content! Sometimes the cost of content production is very high, and the vlogger cannot easily afford it. In this case, the vlogger will take the costs related to content production by attracting a sponsor, and a part of that cost will go to the vlogger’s pocket as income.

Many vloggers have sponsors, and by receiving a fee, they are willing to introduce the name of the sponsor’s brand or business in a part of their content. Of course, it is interesting to know that this method will have much better feedback for the advertised business than advertising.

So if you have a business in Metaverse and want to advertise your brand, one of the best ways is to find vloggers in your field of activity and sponsor their content. This will help you attract many fans and make easy money from Metaverse with vlogging.

Earn money from vlogging in metaverse

3. Selling products and services

Another way to make money from vlogging is to offer products or services in your field! This way, you will profit from selling products or providing services instead of getting paid for the ads published on your page.

Of course, you should not forget that your product must be related to your vlogging field; For example, if you are a photography vlogger, you should offer photography products, and architecture products may not be sold on your page; The reason is that your target audience is those who are active in the field of photography and your followers will not need architectural content.

We can use many activities to make a strong connection between Metaverse and monetization. Undoubtedly, monetization is inevitable when non-fungible tokens and digital currency are involved. Now it is enough to start investing in Metaverse lands or freelance activities and see how profitable this work is. Of course, the easiest way is to enter one of the free Metaverse games as a player to earn money and try to be better than the players.


In this article, while referring to the Metaverse technology, that is, the blockchain network, We introduced you to this technology and its many applications, from enhancing the skills of doctors to increasing the ability of soldiers, virtual visits to properties, virtual training of human resources, creating a 3D digital environment, virtual trips, etc.

On the other hand, we tried to introduce you to the best methods through which you can earn money with Metaverse technology so that you can easily make money by playing games, buying and selling currencies or real estate in the Metaverse world, and advertising in this virtual world.

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