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How is life in the Metaverse? Eternal life and the promise of everlasting life? Metaverse will use artificial intelligence to animate your avatar after you die. It means, “If I die, I have all my pre-saved data. My friends and children can communicate with my avatar, gestures, and voice.” Artificial intelligence (AI) has learned to make interactions as plausible as possible. It can also be challenging to tell if a real person is animating the character behind the avatar or if they are acting with pre-recorded data.

Life in the Metaverse

We can take all this recorded data and use AI to recreate you as an avatar in your piece of land in the Metaverse or the NFT world. Then people can come and see you and chat with you.

7 things you can do in Metaverse life

Imagine a virtual world where you can live, work, shop, and communicate with others; Welcome to Metaverse! Although it is still in the experimental stage, and only a few platforms are available for public use, the integrated virtual environment of Metaverse provides you with various options for work, gameplay, social communication, and monetization. It is true! The sci-fi movies we’ve seen are becoming a reality, and like many tech fans, you probably can’t wait to find out what the future has in store for us. In the following, we have described some of the best creative things to do in Metaverse.

1. Shopping, gaming, daily interactions, and business

Like in the real world, you can buy the items you want in Metaverse. Many vendors are doing business in the Metaverse, and in the coming years, we can say that they will sell everything humans need for life. Also, video games have been able to find their place in the Metaverse in a short period, and in addition, the daily interactions you do in the real world or virtual networks can also be done in the Metaverse.

2. Attend a commercial exhibition

One of the things you can do while living in the Metaverse is to attend a professional event, especially a B2B trade show in the virtual world of the internet. This will allow your company to expand its market by exhibiting in a virtual trade show space. Thanks to various tools, companies can collect all their communication documents in one file that can be downloaded with one click.

You can also visit with your virtual avatar the booths of other exhibition companies that are sure to use the most innovative technologies to offer their services or products. You can create 3D mockups to show your products from a new perspective.

3. Create a store or a showroom

Like brands like H&M or Adidas, companies can create a dedicated store to sell products. Some technologies, such as augmented reality, allow users to try on products or see them modeled in 3D. This is the news of creating an entirely new sales channel for virtual or physical products. Purchases are usually made through NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

Living in the Metaverse means everything can be planned down to the millimeter, both architecturally and decoratively, and you can change everything overnight. Therefore, the virtual exhibition offers your audience a new interactive and innovative medium, available 24 hours a day.

4. Work full-time with your staff

Thanks to this new digital world, it is possible to change how your employees and colleagues work. The creation of working spaces enables a new type of remote work that is much more collaborative and interactive.

5. Digital human education

What will be the relationship between Metaverse and the educational system? Digital distance learning courses are increasingly popular and have become even more popular on the Metaverse platform. Interactive videos can also be added to educational projects to engage learners.

It is possible to collect feedback from participants to improve the experience. They can also download documents with one click regardless of the selected format and enjoy custom digital media (3D objects, models, environments, PDFs, videos, etc.).

6. Investment in virtual real estate

Many real estate companies plan to move into the metaverse world to introduce their brand or create experiences. Architectural models can be designed to reproduce a building for construction in real life. This can allow construction companies to reduce construction defects.

In the not-so-distant future, land construction in Metaverse will be very prosperous, and architects will be able to create happy days for themselves.

Virtual tours have been around real estate for a long time, but Metaverse promises more immersive visits and facilities like exhibitions. Real estate companies are very interested in this new market, which may explode in the next few years.

7. Hire differently

There is no need for phone calls and video conferences; Now you can launch your recruitment campaign on Metaverse. Living in the Metaverse, thanks to 3D avatars and the ability to model in this new digital world, companies can humanize the hiring process rather than relying solely on resumes.

Thanks to the presence of different types of displays, you can introduce your company through digital media. Candidates can also create an interactive CV to showcase their sector-specific skills.

Life in the metaverse

The first tests are planned for 2023.

Metaverse refers to an experience in a 3D virtual environment where it can evolve through an avatar or hologram. This alternate reality makes it possible to discuss, learn, work, or play with others. Metaverse uses Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to create a collective universe. Thanks to these advanced techniques, the Metaverse uses the same rules of verbal and non-verbal communication as in reality: even gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice are all transferable.

Historically, the term “Metaverse” first appeared in the 1992 novel “Le Samouraï virtuel” by Neal. The world described there plunges us into a science fiction world, which could be closer to our future reality.

At the same time, it is the video game giants who are betting on this parallel universe. Games like Fortnite, Roblox, or Animal Crossing, all of which offer metaverses, saw their player numbers increase. For example, in May 2020, Fortnite had 350 million registered players.

Metavers.AE Ecosystems

There are various ecosystems in the Metavers.AE includes the Mars ecosystem, the Under Sea, the Spaceship, the Pixel City, and the Modern Natural world. Learn more about Metavers.AE ecosystems and get to know more specifications about the Metavers.AE, Dubai Metaverse platform.

Life in the Metaverse

When Metaverse become a beneficial space?

What are the costs of living in Metaverse? The new social space will bring new business opportunities for brands looking to be seen. If it seems like we are witnessing the beginning of life in the Metaverse, the most creative companies have already taken advantage of the opportunities it offers: virtual events, partnerships, product placement, virtual shopping, etc. the options are endless. Therefore, Metaverse offers many opportunities for brands.

Can Metaverse change the rules of our society?

What will be the dos and don’ts of life in Metaverse? In addition to the world of video games, the Metaverse seems to be deeply rooted in society. In addition, various restrictions have accelerated the process of digitization in daily life. (virtual games with friends, live concerts on social networks, series to watch simultaneously, etc.).

So, in 2014, Facebook bought virtual reality specialist Oculus VR for $2 billion (a profitable investment when Mark Zuckerberg paid $14 billion for WhatsApp). Then, in 2020, Facebook launched Horizon, a social multiplayer virtual reality network powered by the Oculus VR headset. After the entertainment, the Facebook group is now moving into the world of work with the Oculus Horizon Workrooms project, which proposes using the Metaverse to allow employees to meet virtually in a meeting room.

Mark Zuckerberg said, “I think over the next five years, in the next chapter of our business, we’re going to go from where people see us primarily as a social media company to a metaverse company.” On September 27, Facebook also announced a $50 million investment to ensure Metaverse is responsibly built in partnership with global experts, consumer associations, and policymakers.

Life in the Metaverse

Life in the Metaverse: A New Horizon for Social Relations and Economics

Metaverse is a new concept that combines the words meta and universe. Metaverse is undoubtedly an ideal word due to its convenience and phonetic importance. Indeed, beyond the world allows humans to go beyond the physical and temporal limitations of the real world and enter new and infinite worlds.

Living in the Metaverse allows humans to recreate their real world for the first time digitally. Or create new virtual or semi-virtual worlds that, in turn, can create art, fashion, new ways of communicating, and new experiences as powerfully as technology can.

Active and interactive internet

Metaverse is the evolution of inactive and stagnant internet towards active and interactive internet. It will be a kind of discovery adventure for humanity, taking place five centuries after the so-called “Age of Discovery”. Social and professional life will be as important for many people, indeed millions of people, in the next few years as social networks were in the last decade. It also enables all transactions and investments, even more so than in the real world, from tokenizing and creating digital assets of all kinds (art, music, fashion, design, real estate, and furniture) and its many digital manifestations.

Everything about life in the Metaverse looks fascinating. This is the first time humans seem to act like great creators, creating new worlds inhabited by avatars representing people and configuring their morphology and life choices.

Digital society and meta-economy

The scope of the digital community is increasing. Meta-economy can be a new stage of economic evolution that adds to the agricultural economy, industrial economy, virtual economy, and financial economy surrounded by digital economy for years.

Shopping, events, trading, etc., can be done by living in the Metaverse. There are concerts of famous singers in Fortnite or Decentraland. Disney, Discovery Channel, Fox, Netflix, New York Times, and some financial institutions are planning their leap into the Metaverse. Advertising will migrate from billboards to digital media in the next few years.

If we compare it with previous decades, the socio-technological evolution is impressive. We are still in the first phase of the digital transition, which is out of step between social and business sectors. We are still at the dawn of a digital-virtual economy. But the still-new concept of digital citizenship may need to evolve to differentiate between natural, legal, and now virtual persons.

Life in the Metaverse

Life in Metaverse, from the digital economy to the virtual economy

Living in the Metaverse, government departments face a considerable challenge. We have already seen how the advancement of technology affects the formal and physical forces in work areas.
Perhaps the companies and developers of the Metaverse are gradually taking power away from governments. It can be a flight from a limited, controlled, regulated, earthly space to a new unknown area to be built. Nowadays, you can also find a job in Metaverse.

This landscape will be very similar to that perceived by European explorers who penetrated the unknown continents only five centuries ago. Indeed, the metaverse economy is booming and will have a solid speculative component. Its evolution fluctuates between boom and bubble in the next few years.

Monetary systems

The development of monetary systems in the Metaverse will be crucial in configuring life in the Metaverse. Of course, transactions will be made through crypto-assets, and avatars will fund their virtual image or for profit, consumption, investment, etc.

Economically, financial resources will gradually transfer from the real world to the new virtual world. Those who earn money in Metaverse and sell goods or services are likely to consume the earned income without ever returning to the real world and obsessing over their virtual currency’s convertibility. Or they buy things in the same Metaverse or other metaverses.

They like to increase the amount of Metaverse currency they have and consider this as profit. For these people, the increase in fiat money is not considered profit because they firmly believe in the future of Metaverse.

This could lead to a gradual depletion of real-world capital, as is currently happening with the influx of funds into crypto-assets, crowding out investments in tangible assets or corporate securities.

It was only thirty years ago that the first personal computers entered homes. Today, we are creating our virtual worlds and living in the Metaverse. This makes us wonder if crossing this new frontier of digital space can create social changes. Now, once again, humanity has struck a new boundary in exploring the world and is developing its limits.

Life in the metaverse

An avatar that can evolve even after you die

The beauty of this idea is that another version of you can continue to evolve through artificial intelligence. But the question is whether the use of this data remains unlike Facebook, which often has more information about you than your loved ones. Metavers.AE will not own your data.

“Live Forever” mode is disabled by default in Metaverse. It is up to each person to use this unique option of eternal life. But maybe this question has also occurred to you, is it possible to get married in Metaverse? It depends on the people who can get to know each other through avatars.

Imagine a digital world where you can live a parallel life without leaving your home: welcome to Metaverse! Dancing in a nightclub with friends in avatar form, climbing Mount Everest through a virtual helmet, or meeting colleagues in a digitally recreated office. Metaverse promises to push its limits.

Life in The Metaverse, Dos, And Don’ts

What are the dos and don’ts of living in the Metaverse? In this article, we have mentioned the most critical mistakes that you should not make when entering the Metaverse. In addition, we will explain some important points regarding life in the Metaverse that you should follow.

Mistake 1: Choosing the wrong Metaverse

Let’s first examine the mistakes that users make in Metaverse. The most common mistake Metaverse encounters with its customers is choosing the wrong Metaverse. You should finally go to the Metaverse, where brands or companies are present. We recommend you prioritize Metavers.AE, Sandbox, and Decentraland.

Mistake 2: Buying the wrong land

In this section on the dos and don’ts of living in the Metaverse, we will examine buying the wrong land. Getting into the Metaverse often involves buying or renting. To buy or rent real estate, you must consider some things; For example, location is one of the most important things, so you should analyze where other companies are that you have properties near or far from.

But you may be faced with questions like this: Is there a trade area in Metaverse? Is there a mod zone in the Metaverse? Will there be an area for financing? The answer to these questions requires specific advice, and you need to determine if this location is near the land you want to buy or rent.

Mistake 3: Not anticipating appropriate activities

Once your land is purchased and your building is built, you must move everything, and the activity you do must not be inconsistent with the scope of the building; In simpler words, it is not suitable for you to start a business like renting a building in the area where clothing brands are active. Also, by buying or renting land, you should not abandon it, and it is better to start your activity.

Mistake 4: Failure to communicate properly

The communication phase should be well-adjusted; Because others have made Web3 and the Metaverse a real asset. Metaverse will be a 3D world where others interact with others through their avatars, and you have to find people who are related to your business or other activities; For example, if you are a clothing retailer, you should consider where your customers are located and interact with them.

What are the dangers of Metaverse?

In this section on life in the Metaverse, we will examine its dangers. Contrary to what many people think, Meta’s virtual reality platforms are unfortunately not without risks. With all its benefits, life in the Metaverse can harm mental and physical health. Learn more about Metaverse effects on mental health.
But specifically, what are the dangers of the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a fictional world that combines reality and virtual reality. Virtual worlds, avatars, the possibility of being in several places without leaving home, etc., make Metaverse interesting and exciting. This is the technology that can change the course of our social interactions.

Just like in real life, in addition to entertainment, you can now follow courses, shop, invest (e.g., invest in cryptocurrencies), sell NFTs, etc.

How does Metaverse work? It would help if you had a virtual reality headset or augmented reality glasses to use Metaverse. With this new technology that works through handheld sensors, you will be in an entirely 3D world.

As with all new things, the virtual world has risks. Before you begin, it is wise to be aware of the risks you are likely exposed to:

  • Loss of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Dependence on the digital space
  • Potential loss of social connections

Just as in the real world, security is a critical issue, in the Metaverse, the vital role of security cannot be ignored. But security in the Metaverse is different from security in the real world.

For example, in the real world, the house being safe means that unknown people cannot enter the house, but in the Metaverse, the issue of strange people entering the house is not considered a crucial issue. Instead, users on Metaverse expect to be assured that their assets will remain under their ownership. Not that one day, they will find out that their Metaverse assets (which are registered in the form of NFT) have been taken over by someone else!

What to do in Metaverse?

Just like in real life, but without physical limitations, employees from all over the world can meet and interact in a meeting room. With cryptocurrencies (which you have to buy with real money), you can shop for your avatar online, attend a concert, visit an exhibition, or purchase digital land to build a house, own artwork, and more.

This new social space is already whetting the appetite of businesses. Partnerships, purchases, or virtual events are now a reality in the Metaverse. Once you’ve created your avatar, you can explore the virtual world of your choice and discover scenes, landscapes, and structures created by other members. You can also visit museums, play games, bet in the casino, etc.

You can easily communicate with other community members via voice messages or SMS, allowing you to create new relationships or strengthen existing ones. Additionally, you can acquire many digital assets in the Metaverse to customize your avatar, equip your space, and more.

Life in The Metaverse, Dos And Don'ts

Working in the Metaverse, fiction or reality?

At Facebook, which has been renamed Meta, working in the Metaverse is envisioned as a near reality. The group has already launched a beta version of Oculus Horizon Workrooms. This Metaverse allows employees to meet in the same room using a virtual reality headset.

These very inclusive spaces promise to improve the virtual work experience. They promote commitment, collaboration, and communication with and among employees and free themselves from distance limitations. An employee based in, say, Hong Kong (or rather, his avatar) can come and sit next to a colleague in Los Angeles and help him solve a problem. Virtual events help strengthen the company by bringing teams together in workshops, seminars, and conferences and communicating formally and informally, thanks to their avatars.

Research has shown that companies work very well, even remotely. It also emphasizes the importance of social interactions, human relations, and informal exchanges necessary for team cohesion and belonging to the company. On the other hand, Metaverse opens up the prospect of teleworking. Jobs that require physical presence today can be done remotely by being in the Metaverse.

Is partnership possible in Metaverse?

Some prefer to use the services of virtual architects to build their new headquarters in Metaverse. Companies looking for flexibility, freelancers, fast-growing structures, and startups can turn to coworking solutions to enjoy an immersive experience and connect with companies and people from other backgrounds. Coworking offers a combination of profiles and valuable flexibility that opens up new company horizons.

Questions about working in Metaverse

The first is the quality of life at work. The second would be investment, and if large groups can equip themselves with virtual reality headsets and other advanced equipment, smaller organizations will no doubt stop making these costly investments. The technology is in its infancy and still very fragmented, so it will be hard to know which investments will be viable in the long term.

Data will also be fundamental. Currently, Metaverse users bring their data there almost without any legal framework. This data collection applied to the workplace raises questions about respect for employee privacy and requires the enforcement of rules within organizations.

How to make money in Metaverse?

By providing a new experience to the users of digital technologies, Metaverse offers different ways to earn money in this parallel world and adds a new dimension to our consumption habits.


E-commerce is undoubtedly one of the most promising uses of Metaverse for those who wish to sell their items there. Big companies are already doing it!


For many people, the Metaverse could be the future of marketing mixed with new promotions and strategies. This virtual world seems to bring together a unique and tighter community that can be even more loyal than the physical world.

Create a business

In addition to online shopping and marketing, you can create any business in Metaverse, such as offering your services as an architect or business consultant on Metaverse.

Final words

Like all good things, the virtual world should not be abused. The impact of the Metaverse on society and people’s lives cannot be ignored; Managers and leaders will be interested in keeping an eye on this topic to gather as much information as possible about best practices. Also, check the possibilities of Metaverse and prepare to enter it competitively.

Today, the Metaverse is beyond the face-to-face model we have known since immemorial. This new 3D world, which will become a place to live, promises companies to establish themselves in further distribution and promotion channels. According to Gartner’s study, in 2026, about 25% of humans will spend at least one hour a day in the Metaverse. Living in the Metaverse now provides a veritable playground for entrepreneurs and companies to redesign customer experiences in all areas.

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