Digital Dressing: Metaverse Fashion and You

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From the beginning of the development of Metaverse, it was predicted that the clothing industry and different brands would benefit from this technology. One of the shortcomings and problems of buying clothes online was that you could not try and see them on your body, which often made us doubt purchasing a dress. However, with the development of Metaverse and the possibility of simulating people’s bodies online, new hope has been created to solve this problem.

On the other hand, the Metaverse world is an independent world where characters choose new clothes and clothes. Each character has its own cover with which it can define its identity and personality. This procedure created a new potential for clothing designers to display their art in the Metaverse simulation world. In the following, we intend to examine the impact of the Metaverse on clothing. Stay with us.

Metaverse, a new platform for clothing designers

The way you dress always shows your personality. This is why one of the available options in computer and mobile games was that you could choose clothes for your character. How you dress your character could always express your mood, thoughts and opinions. This was an introduction for brands to think about designing online clothes for the Metaverse world. They can use this nascent industry well for advertising and marketing and create a new and creative way to offer their products. Learn more about Metaverse Marketing.

On the other hand, after the spread of the Coronavirus, buying and selling clothes in the online world has expanded a lot. Unlike many jobs, the fashion industry has not stagnated in these few years and has continued on its own path. You can also see the progress of the fashion and clothing industry in the world of games. Because more attractive, newer and original clothes were designed for the characters and supplied with electronic and digital parts.

Metaverse and new facilities for clothing stores

On the other hand, in the past years, due to the expansion of internet shopping and sales, clothes have distanced themselves from their tangible and real structure and are mostly bought and sold online and virtually. This procedure provided the platform for more progress and innovation in online clothing sales.

Among the options that the Metaverse world has provided for buyers are pro rooms where you can appear with a character similar to your own body and try on the clothes you want. These rooms are designed exactly like Peru rooms in the real world, and using them gives you the feeling of physical shopping.

One of the characteristics of the dress fitting rooms in Metaverse is that people no longer have a problem finding the right clothes for their size, height and weight. All they have to do is enter their full body specifications and then choose the right clothes from the available options based on their physical characteristics.

Among the brands that have made progress in creating virtual boutiques and online shops in the Metaverse world, we can mention Gucci and Valentino. People can enter these arcades with avatars like themselves, browse between shops like in the real world, and finally buy the clothes they want. In the end, you will receive the physical and real version of the dress at your door.

Revolution in Fashion With Metaverse

Various possibilities of Metaverse for the fashion industry

Before the corona pandemic in the world, no one even thought that one day they could try on their clothes digitally in the online world and then order it. On the other hand, until now, although people have had the experience of buying clothes for avatars, they still did not think they could try on an actual dress designed by a famous designer for their avatar or even order the physical version of the same dress.

Taking pictures with the most expensive clothes in the world

Another possibility that Metaverse creates for the fashion world is that the user can always take photos with new clothes in his avatar and try them on. In other words, you can have pictures with the best clothes of famous brands. It is enough to design an avatar similar to your real body and take a picture with the clothes you want.
This feature is currently being tested for some brands and will be available to everyone after fixing the bugs and problems.

Real prizes for virtual games

On the other hand, the fashion industry has found different innovative ways to penetrate the Metaverse world. For example, if you can get one of the Balenciaga clothes in Fortnite, you can also have it in the physical world. Gamers have so far embraced this feature and have spent millions of dollars on in-app purchases to get the outfit they want for their avatar, and this has paid off handsomely for Balenciaga.

Online fashion shows, willingness to buy digital assets

Also, the Covid-19 era, like a catalyst, caused most brands to welcome live fashion shows without the presence of guests and virtual departments with open arms. This was the beginning of a new revolution in the fashion industry, whose future is unpredictable. Such a request to own digital assets grew strangely in late 2021, and the demand for NFTs in the fashion world also increased significantly.


It seems that the fashion industry intends to make choosing and buying better and more beautiful clothes a concern for users by designing beautiful and eye-catching clothes. In this way, buying more stylish and beautiful clothes for avatars will become familiar, and the fashion industry in the Metaverse world will become a money-making industry, just like in the real world. Learn more about earning money in Metaverse. Of course, considering the possibilities that Metaverse has provided for this industry, we can hope for the future of this goal.

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