How Metaverse Affects Our Mental Health

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The world has seen many changes since the Internet boom and after the emergence of dotcom in the 1990s. From that time onwards, we keep hearing “global village”. Now, after decades, we are on the threshold of another communication development called Metaverse world. Metaverse is a concept of a physical, online, and 3D world that merges several different virtual spaces. In this space, users can work together, play and socialize. Metaverse is supposed to bring about many changes in human life, and many people wonder what effect Metaverse can have on their souls. This article will examine the psychological effects of living in the Metaverse. Stay with us.

The psychological effects of living in Metaverse

Metaverse is a fictional world where avatars and robots are supposed to shop and do things. In other words, Metaverse is supposed to be launched as the second form of human life. Large and active companies in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and social networks are also the driving force of this era.

In this new space, users can wear headsets, participate in events and concerts, or prepare for a virtual trip to Rome or Italy. But what are the effects of living in an unreal world on our souls?

Until now, many mental health and technology experts have warned about the adverse effects of new technologies such as radio, television, and video games on the human psyche and separating them from real life. This technology and its benefits for humans can separate them from real life. According to them, this technology can form a kind of internal anger in families. Of course, others believe that these concerns are unfounded. Because according to the results of the research, human genetic factors, along with their economic and social conditions, play the leading role in changing humans’ evolution and mental health.

Also, these experts believe that sooner or later, humankind will go to the age of Metaverse and adapt to its life. This is while some believe that the Metaverse era is a transformative phenomenon that changes the basic structure of societies and has adverse and dangerous effects.

Psychological Effects of Metaverse

The human desire to reach a perfect world

Jeremy Beilinson, the director and founder of the Virtual Communication Lab at Stanford University, says A topic that few people study is the long-term effects of wasting time and human life in a world where everything is thought to be perfect. For example, many people are busy day and night surfing on their mobile phones and cyberspace and constantly comparing themselves.

According to Billinson, at least in social networks, everyone tries to dedicate themselves to the real world. But in virtual reality and Metaverse, this relationship disappears. In this space, the tendency towards appearances and mental ideals is increasing, and people in social networks will have less ability to show a single personality of themselves.

This expert in the field of new technologies said that the main challenge happens when people stay in this space for a long time and try to be beautiful, perfect, and ideal. Here, the main question is that a person who does not see himself in an ideal situation or is one of the inferior people in society, what will happen to his self-confidence when he sees the behavior of others?

The positive effects of screens on human life

Peter Sells, a professor of psychology and communication science at Batspa, says that in the age of Metaverse, it is likely that everyone will be immersed in the virtual world and will no longer be interested in experiencing their traditional and real life.

This eminent psychologist has stated that I do not think that the leading companies in the field of new technology pay attention to the ethical issues of this phenomenon. Instead, their main focus and idea is to base everything on digital communication.

These companies can have reasonable protections for humans in creating universal connections in the new world. However, it is still unclear how successful this work will be without causing harm in real human life.

It all depends on the way people use technology.

Nick Allen, a psychologist and professor at the University of Oregon, says in this regard: “One can be optimistic and despite the new metaverse world, some strong structures in the human psyche, such as trying to establish healthy relationships, social support, healthy sleep, and healthy daily activities, will find a better situation.” He says that any tool can be used to improve the human condition. The question we should ask ourselves about their effect is whether when people use this technology, they also try to achieve their health goals or harm their mental health without the necessary knowledge.

For example, someone with various sexual orientations who have been rejected by society can find the right source online to improve his mental state.

This Oregon University psychologist also said that if being in Metaverse takes the place of real and natural human life or prevents us from establishing healthy relationships or experiencing healthy sleep, then you must be sure that Metaverse will have a lot of damage on the human psyche.

Psychological Effects of Metaverse

Psychological Effects of Metaverse on Children

Candice Edgar, professor of psychology and professor at the University of California, says that many young people use this space enthusiastically. In this situation, any adult in the position of a policy maker, company president, or teacher should consider positive and constructive growth in this field.

According to Edgar, the problem we have faced so far is caused by the damage of online platforms to the mental health of young people because their creators have paid less attention to the adverse effects on the mental issues of young people. So it can be assumed that Metaverse is also harmful in this regard.

The critical issue is that technology itself is not harmful, but the anger and conflicts in the family regarding the understanding of ordinary people are dangerous and detrimental. So, the faster we get closer to Metaverse, the more anger and hatred will increase in the minds of families. To reduce this anger and mental damage, we should provide a suitable programming plan to the youth who grow the number of online users daily. Learn more about the impact of Metaverse on children.

The Danger of Excessive Desire for Virtual Life

Rachel Covert, director of a research group on the mental health of the gamer community, says that the results of our research show that the Internet is not a separate place in people’s lives. Everything we do online is a high percentage of social behavior, even without a direct connection.

He added, but my concern is a lack of balance. Because of the matching possibilities offered in this space, anyone can quickly get involved virtually. For example, I can be tall or short or hold an important political position. The problem arises when the individual’s position changes from the permitted to the actual. This lack of coordination can lead to issues such as a lack of confidence and social violence.


When a new technology enters the world, there has always been enthusiasm about its benefits and concerns about its disadvantages. It seems that regarding Metaverse, like all emerging technologies, it is necessary to create a culture of using it and enter this extraordinary world with awareness.

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