Wedding in Metaverse

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How is marriage in the Metaverse? Are you surprised? Yes, you can get married in the Metaverse; But no more beautifully decorated wedding invitations in the mailbox, and guests will only receive a notification with a username and password!

The same with the wedding dress; To participate in this event, you have to create your digital avatar and dress your avatar in a wedding dress. Just like a real wedding, the bride and groom may need a particular dress code to make the most beautiful day of their lives.

Marriage in Metaverse

How is the marriage ceremony in Metaverse?

This ceremony will be held in a 100% virtual venue that has been rented for this occasion. Balloons, lights, party supplies, etc., can be decorated by the bride and groom. Also, note that the wedding can occur virtually outside your country.

Apart from these few details that may surprise you, the engaged couple can say “I do” to each other in a situation similar to a classic wedding, and the guests give wedding gifts, but virtual gifts that cannot be touched! They come in the form of gift cards or even digital currencies! Because these items will be helpful for living in the Metaverse.

What inspires you when you hear the word “wedding”? Luxurious bouquets of colorful flowers? Traditional music? Bride and groom riding a horse, carriage, or car? To future generations, all of this may seem completely obsolete. Because soon, there will be a possibility that a wedding will be held in the Metaverse, and doing activities in the Metaverse will be much easier.

Metaverse has a good solution for those who lost a loved one, and that will be the simulation of the lost loved one. Metaverse users can participate in a completely digital event that allows them to buy virtual clothes, decorations, etc., and interact with other avatars.

Guests will receive virtual portal entry credentials instead of an invitation card. They can choose an avatar as their digital representation. The one-hour event will allow them to interact with the bride and groom and define computerized versions of their traditional wedding dresses.

Marriage in Metaverse

Who gets married in the Metaverse?

The first marriage in the Metaverse occurred between Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi, an employee of the Indian Institute of Technology, and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy. These two people became the first virtual husband and wife on February 6, 2022. In this period of the coronavirus epidemic, according to the need for vaccines, there is no need for health licenses and vaccine cards in Metaverse anymore!

A virtual wedding is an ideal solution to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life with your friends and loved ones. With just an internet connection, this couple threw a magnificent reception with over 2,000 guests.

Also, they took the opportunity to resurrect the bride’s father, who unfortunately had already passed away! He could accompany his daughter in this happy event as an avatar. Isn’t it strange? This event shows us what the Metaverse has to offer for grieving families.

There is no problem with legal conditions and the formalization of marriage! The couple approached a law firm with a virtual land located in “Decentraland”. However, not everyone, including legal experts, is convinced of the total legality of the ceremony.

Technical problems of marriage in Metaverse

There are still concerns about this celebration. The wedding had problems due to some technical issues related to the background. In addition to this being the first wedding held in the Metaverse, the large number of guests somewhat overwhelmed the host server, with over 2,000 concurrent connections. The couple also provided gifts for their guests, especially in the form of NFTs.

Marriage in Metaverse

Marriage in the Metaverse and beyond

The traditional boundaries are receding now that we can get married in the virtual world. Go to school, attend seminars or meetings, or throw a party. Will we be able to do everything through an augmented reality headset? Are we ready to jump and land in a parallel virtual world?

For some couples, the happiest day of their lives may not happen in real life. They decide to hold their wedding ceremony virtually. Why should you choose to say “yes” to Metaverse? How is this ceremony?

Metaverse presents itself as a new means of organizing events: professional meetings, exhibitions, concerts, and weddings can all be held on Metaverse.

For this, an extraordinary location was required, and a limited number of fans could invest $50 in NFTs, which would be donated to the foundation created by his wife.

Virtual marriage; A concept that is not new

Criticism quickly mounted when the New York Times wrote an article about marriage in the Metaverse. Weddings in the virtual world are nothing new. Video game enthusiasts have been offering marriage proposals and ceremonies in their favorite games for over a decade, especially when it comes to massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like World of Warcraft.

A virtual wedding is precisely what it sounds like; The union of two people done online. It can be a hybrid event, with a live recorded wedding, or an online-only event.

Final words

Whether we like it or not, we are living in an era where ceremonies like marriage can be held in a virtual world called Metaverse. Another wonder of this period is holding a fashion event in Metaverse!

There is a solution for VR-loving couples who want to celebrate their wedding more modernly: Holding and watching wedding movies with a virtual reality headset! Several companies, including in France, have specialized videographers to film events such as speeches or first dances and send it all to the bride and groom via virtual reality headsets. Wedding photographers and videographers also suggest sending this ceremony live to loved ones through a private link.

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